Exterior shooting setup with a Blues player in front of the camera.
Cameraman Auckland Freelance New Zealand

2023 started as a very busy year, with a lot of domestic and international clients seeking for freelance camera department roles in Auckland. With smaller productions asking for a cameraman or larger ones asking for a DoP, it was all go!

At the same time, I can finally talk about some confidential projects I got to DoP! So let’s see what happened!

Passengers – TVNZ

At first, in late 2022 I was stoked to be offered to shoot most of the first episode of the TVNZ show “Passengers” . An amazing 2 days of filming with great Auckland summer weather and an even better group of talented people. A lot of filming around Auckland CBD and Puhoi to tell some very important and touching stories. Directed by Kim Webby and produced by Sarah Zwart.

Below Deck Down Under S1 – Interviews

This is one of the largest reality shows worldwide. But I hadn’t heard of it until I got the call to shoot some interviews. The issue was that due to COVID some of the talent were not able to travel. So we had to shoot them remotely out of Auckland. The tech and studio infrastructure used were those of NEP in Auckland. Zooming in to producers in both New York and Los Angeles was flawless, while lighting and sound was adhering to the very strict guidelines of a show of this magnitude.

The overall result was a very happy client.

The kit used was my FX6 camera and lighting package, as described in the “about me” page

Green screen setup for BDDU-S1 interviews

US Women’s soccer team interviews

At the beginning of the year a US agency contacted me to shoot some interviews of the very popular US Women’s soccer team. It wasn’t a simple job, as the quality expectations were very high. So I put together a nice package consisting of 2 x Sony FX9 cameras and chose to pair them with the Tokina Vista cinema lenses. And with the help of a great crew we made another client very happy.

These are some of the shots that made it to social, but there are plenty more to be released.