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I must say… I love shooting.
Probably because I grew up in a photography household and can’t remember any time photography was not part of my life. From learning the darkroom secrets to exploring the digital era, I was always interested in making the most out of what technology had to offer. I started out as a photographer in Europe and gradually moved into the moving image space. From weddings to small corporate jobs, the learning ground was vast but gave me a great foundation to perfect my craft.

20 years, thousands of kilometers and many camera generations later I have now moved to Auckland, New Zealand and keep doing what I love with the same professionalism and drive as the day I started. During this journey I have gained experience in shooting all kinds of content ranging from broadcast TV for the biggest platforms in the country (TVNZ, Sky) and internationally (BBC), to TVC’s and heaps of branded content.

I mainly utilize my own camera kit and lighting package, but also hire in as needed and everything travels in a fully kitted 4×4 Nissan Navara, making it possible to reach even the most remote shooting location with ease.
I enjoy a challenging shoot so I am always open to discuss ideas and find solutions that won’t blow the budget but at the same time produce an outcome we will all be happy with.

Auckland, New Zealand